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About Us

About Us


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This is The Spagetti Stickler!!

As a farmer in California, we spent several of the previous years dealing with a severe drought. With this burden, my husband Dan decided to convert a flood irrigated cherry orchard to a much more efficient micro sprinkler system. Unfortunately, the method used to install this system resulted in a large percentage of the couplings leaking and needing to be replaced.

This frustrating event prompted Dan to design a tool that could easily and correctly install these couplers ensuring a leak-free installation. This user-friendly all in one tool is what we call The Spagetti Stickler. This amazing tool is American made, stainless steel, and guaranteed for a lifetime making drip irrigation for personal gardening and commercial farming possible for all consumers.

As they say, necessity is the mother of intervention and Dan set out to develop a simple to use, no moving parts tool that could punch a hole, provide a surface to push against to install the coupler and then give leverage to easily push the coupler into the supply line. It also provides a way to remove those that were broker (or chewed) off right at the supply line. With trial and error, he developed a tool that can do all four functions and last forever. After showing it to myself and acquaintances, we decided to pursue getting it patented. Thus evolved the Spagetti Stickler.