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The ONLY Drip Irrigation Tool You Will EVER Need!


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As a farming family in California we spent several of the previous years dealing with a severe drought. With this burden my husband Dan decided to convert a flood irrigated cherry orchard to a much more efficient micro sprinkler system. Unfortunately, the method used to install this system resulted in a large percentage of the couplings leaking and needing to be replaced.
This frustrating event prompted Dan to design a tool that could easily and correctly install these couplers ensuring a leak free installation. This user friendly all in one tool is what we call The Spagetti Stickler. This amazing tool is American made,stainless steel, and guaranteed for a lifetime making drip irrigation for personal gardening and commercial farming possible for all consumers.
As they say, necessity is the mother of intervention and Dan set out to develop a simple to use, no moving parts tool that could punch a hole, provide a surface to push against to install coupler and then give leverage to easily push the coupler into the supply line. It also provides a way to remove those that were broker (or chewed) off right at the supply line. With trial and error he developed a tool that can do all four functions and last forever. After showing it to myself and acquaintances, we decided to pursue getting it patented. Thus evolved the Spagetti Stickler.

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How To Use The Stickler

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"We have a 50-acre ranch property with about 200 new trees planted with drip irrigation.  The irrigation lines are subject to constant attack by ground squirrels, which means we are constantly repairing the lines and replacing emitters.  The Stickler is the perfect tool to carry in your pocket when walking the drip lines for repairs.  It is easy to use, performs perfectly, and does the job of three other tools you would otherwise have to carry with you.  Best $14 ever spent!"
Tim Kleier
Caliente, CA
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"If you are working with drip hose this is a "must have" tool, I have been growing almonds and pistachios on our family farm for the last 25 years and this is by far the best tool on the market, I'd recommend it to someone working on small projects around the house or a farmer growing hundreds of acres trees."
Rob Tracy
 Buttonwillow land and Cattle Co.
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"My name is Benny Vasquez, I work for the Orcutt School district. I am a groundskeeper I’ve been in the district for 17 years, A friend of mine gave me the spaghetti stickler to try out. It works great and it’s very easy to use, it’s made out of stainless steel and it’s durable. It’s easy to use and compact, in my opinion, it’s a great tool must try ! Thank you!"
Benny Vasquez
Orcutt, CA
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"This is a great tool for a drip line.  Unlike the other tools, the hole compresses around the fitting so it doesn’t leak!  It’s also great for removing old couplers and putting in new ones without hurting your fingers.  I like that it is metal and won’t wear out."
Bob Hagen
Boise, Idaho
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The Last Drip Irrigation Tool You Will Ever Need!!

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